Temperature Monitors

Hold Value With OPI-ONE
Your Eye in the Bin

When your livelihood depends on crop quality, you need OPI-ONE in your bins.  The OPE-ONE Grain Storage Management System from CMC monitors your stored grain’s temperature and detects hot spots so you can head off spoilage.

Consisting of one or more cable probes and a plug-in monitor, this easy-ti-master system gives precise data about your storage and cooling bins. With just the push of a button on the hand-held control, you get critical information about the temperature at fixed points in the bin.

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OPI-ONE is what wwe use at CMC as the nerve center of our Pressure Cure Dry System. OPI-ONE earns you money and saves heartache, as our thousands of satisfied customers can testify. That’s why, for more than 10 yeaars, we’ve marketed the OPI-ONE as an essential component of any successful operation.

CMC’s Grain storage Managment specialists provide you free system configuration planning and expert instruation so you get the best results right away. Plus, they provied the expert technical assistance anytime after your purchase.