CMC Action Auger Cleaner

CMC Action Auger Cleaner

Turns Your Auger Into a High-Volume Grain Cleaner

The CMC Action Auger Cleaner performs continuous flow, high-volume grain cleaning completely self-contained within your auger.

As Grain moves up the auger, vibration works the fines, weed seeds and other trash to the bottom of the auger through the vibrating screen.  In addition, a blower drawing air from the top side of the cleaner sucks out bee wings, hulls, chaff, insect, and other light debris.  This unique two-step cleaning is only found in the CMC Action Auger Cleaner.

The CMC Action Auger Cleaner requires a one-time installation.  Simply remove a section of the outer tube of your auger and bolt the unit in place around the auger flighting.   A rubber sleeve joins the CMC Action Auger Cleaner with the auger tube, and a heavy tubular frame strengthens the installation.